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Leona™ application examples


- Automotive
- Electrical and electronic
- Industrial and household

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Door mirror stays 90G55/90G60
Roof rails 90G55/90G60
Engine mount brackets 14G50
Switches CR301/CR302
Combination switches CR302
Valve covers 14G33
Oil strainers 14G33
Charcoal canisters 1402S
Radiator tanks 13G25
Electrical and electronic
Magnetic switches FG172
Coil bobbins 1300G
Motor end caps 1300G
Connectors FRseries/FGseries
Control panel switches 1300G/MR001
Industrial plugs and receptacles FR370
Industrial and household
Film sheath for electric cables 1700S
Window sash locks 90G50
Wheelchair wheels 54G43
Female screw in dust mop handle 1300S
Cable ties 1300S/1402S
Tag pins 1300S
Motor fans for power tools 1300G
Isolation blocks for power tools 1300G

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