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TENAC™ application examples



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Electrical and electronic
Gears for laser printers LA543
Keyboard stems LM511
Industrial and household
Wheel for window sash 3010
Snap fasteners Unspecified
Cartridge for film development 7054


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Wiper motor gears 3510
Fuel pump modules 3510/4520
Electrical and electronic
DVD-ROM pick-up drive mechanism parts HC450
Pick-up chassis for DVD-ROM drives (out-sert molding) HC450
Slide cams for DVD-ROM drives HC450
Mechanical parts for VCRs HC750
Disk-guide parts for slim DVD-ROM drives HC450
Gear unit for fax machines HC450
Scanner holders for fax machines HC450
Industrial and household
Drain parts 4520
Washing machine hose joints 4513
Zippers Unspecified
Clasps Unspecified
Bearings for air conditioners 4520

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