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Technology introductionWe Introduce the analysis/processing technology.

Using our unique technologies and know-how,
including high quality,abundant products,and optimized parts,
we can achieve optimal manufacturing from analysis to processing.

01Resin Product
Development Support
Using CAE

We comprehensively support the design and development of resin products through resin-specific simulation technology.
We introduce topology optimization design technology that proposes novel shapes as well as impact analysis technology that contributes to the efficiency of product testing.


02Laser Welding

Unlike general laser welding (transmission welding method), the ACWTM method is a method that allows welding with only one type of material as well as with two types, i.e. the transmission side material and the absorption side material.


Bent Pipe by
Suction Blow Molding

Suction blow molding is a blow molding process that can process long hollow pipes of a small to large diameter with a highly uniform wall thickness and high durability against internal pressure due to the absence of pinch-off.


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