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Three-dimensional Bent Pipe by
Suction Blow Molding

Suction blow molding is a blow molding process that can process long hollow pipes of a small to large diameter with a highly uniform wall thickness and high durability against internal pressure due to the absence of pinch-off.


We have developed a suction blow grade of a hollow part having a high degree of flexibility in shape that can reduce weight and assembly costs while meeting the required performance of automobiles based on LEONA DureliaTM series (Super heat resistance technology) and LEONATM 53G series (calcium chloride resistance / hydrolysis resistance technologies).
Support for product design in suction blow molding.

Characteristics of hollow pipe processing method
  Suction blow Extrusion processing Injection & welding RFM AGI/WIT
Uniform wall thickness properties ++ +++
Inner surface roughness ++ ++ +++
Long length (1 m -) ++ ++
Large diameter
++ ++
(Up to ф46)
Small diameter
++ ++
Irregular cross section ++ ++
Material loss ++ ++ ++
Durability ++ ++ -(Welding surface) ++ ++
Heat Aging Resistance

With suction blow moldability and exhibiting stable heat aging resistance even in a high temperature of 190 to 230°C.
Suitable for hollow pipe parts used in high-temperature atmospheres such as automobile / supercharger air ducts.

LLC (hydrolysis) Resistance

Material for suction blow molding with advanced calcium chloride resistance in addition to hydrolysis resistance developed.
Suitable for piping for transporting refrigerants such as automobile / cooling system piping owing to the addition of suction blow moldability besides the technologies of hydrolysis- and calcium chloride-resistant polyamide-based injection molding materials which were developed for radiator tank materials.

Product Design of Pipe Molding Products

Support for product design by suction blow-molding.
Pressure resistance design using stress analysis by reproducing the product wall thickness in an analysis model.


Applicable to various plastic parts using three-dimensional suction blow molding.

Car engine
  • Supercharger air duct
  • Cooling system piping
Electric car
  • Battery
  • Inverter cooling piping

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