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We have collected your frequently asked questions and hints for effective use of AKchem.com as follows. We hope it can help you.
When you have any specific question or request, which is not covered here, please send it directly to us using the "Contact Us".

Q1.How do I get a login ID?

Open "Customer Information Registration Screen" and enter required data. When registering, you need to read "Notes on using this site", "Terms and Conditions for Registered Users of the Site", and "Privacy policy". Your login ID and password are the very important information, so please remind you not to forget them. In particular, it is likely that your password might be used illegally by anyone instead of you. You should avoid using combination for your password, which anyone can easily guess, such as your name or birthday.

Q2.What kind of benefits do I have with registration?

Registered customer can be provided our further services and information. And you can receive our special announcement and information regularly by e-mail, if you like. We appreciate your registration as our exclusive customer to use our special service and information.

Q3.What kind of information do I obtain here?

We have offered our chemical product/technology information, including PMMA, Polyacetal, Polyamide, Modified Polyphenylene Ether, ABS/SAN. We are continuously expanding our delivery contents in AKchem.com for customer's further satisfaction.

Q4.How do I find information I need?

After logging-in, please select a product you are interested in. Then you can see a content list on each product page, where you can click to display. In the right of each product page, our product grades are also listed. You can click any application and grade as required from the appropriate list.

Q5.Do I need any specific software or tool to see information?

For accessing our site, the following browsers are recommended.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later

Some information provided here has been created using Adobe Acrobat (PDF format), Adobe Systems. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader for displaying them. You can download the software from here.

Q6.What should I do when I forget my login ID and password?

When you forget the password, Please set the password from Re-password setting(Request) screen.

Q7.How do I update registered address or e-mail address?

If you have already logged in, please enter your new data from here. If not, please log in first, and then follow the above procedure.

Q8.How is your security structure for protecting personal information?

We have established strict criteria for managing personal information. We are bound to secrecy concerning your personal information, which should not be leaked out any third party. For our duty of confidentiality, please see our privacy policy.

Q9. Others

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Make sure that you have entered correct login ID and password. Please re-try after checking your password with uppercase, lowercase, or non-double-byte.

Time out
When you have not responded for more than 120 minutes, it is automatically timed out. Please log in again from log in.

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